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What you see is what you get

I woke up this morning feeling frustrated, and I hate that, because when I wake up feeling that way, I know that what I’m going to see all day are the frustrations facing me.  Because let’s face it, if you’re

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Mother’s Day: Growing My Garden

My Mother’s Day began today much like many others – my children served me a delicious breakfast in bed of fresh warm cinnamon rolls. Yum! I woke up slowly, sipping my Diet Pepsi and reading my e-mail. My husband asked

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A letter from the outside

I know, I know… I said this blog was going to be letters from the inside, what I’m thinking or feeling.  So what’s up with title?  Well, the title is what I’m thinking about – a letter from the outside

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A letter from the inside

It’s my first entry in my first blog.  I sit down and type furiously, willing the words onto the page.  Just as furiously, I click the backspace key to erase, start again, and repeat the process.  I wonder, does everyone

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